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Burlington Carousel Festival Report

The Burlington Carousel Festival celebrates the town’s Dentzel Menagerie Carousel, “one of the most historic treasures in Burlington.” Each year artisans gather to celebrate by selling stuff that, for the most part, has nothing to do with carousels.  However the festival does offer free relaxing entertainment for the residents of Burlington.  This was an especially good year as the spiteful heat and humidity that generally accompanies the event did not attend.  mckenzee , ursulav , and I did attend. A very big thanks goes to Mike Jernigan of Hero’s Haven for sponsoring a booth for the NCWCCC. Also, thanks to all the guys from HH for setting up the booth. And, last but certainly not least, thanks to NCWCCC member, Mike Moon for helping me and the rest maintain the booth.

Inked drawings of witches, paintings of cow-frogs and “photographs with quotes” stood out amongst the watercolors of Duke Chapel and ribbon tied broomsticks. Needless to say we were a tad outside our element, but still we all had a wonderful time. One of the highlights of the weekend was being served renfair style food from Mike from Hero’s Haven.  Fried turkey legs, roasted chicken and “real” NC style barbeque were a pleasant refrain from the usual concessions.  The biggest highlight of the weekend, however, was Ursula Vernon taking 1st place in the art competition, although the judges forgot which print she won for. Still it was the thought that counted.  ;)

Speaking of highlights, the best moment for me was when a couple came from Raleigh stopped by. After speaking with them for a minute or two I learned that had come from Raleigh just to see me. I was astonished, and very grateful. My only regret was that I was so tired I felt I may have been a little out of it when we spoke.  But we had a nice chat and they even bought a Sebo book.  Thanks, guys!

Business wise it was pretty much a bust, but we did make some important contacts and even recruited a new member for the NCWCCC. All in all it was a good time, laid back and relaxing, although it’s amazing how tired one can get from just sitting all day.  For me it’s back to work, finally, until the next time I get to sit all day, coming this October.

Burlington Carousel Festival

Hi Cats!

I'll be at the Burlington Carousel Festival this weekend. The schedule is Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM. . Other than myself, NCWCCC will be founder, Larry "mckenzee" Holderfield, Ursula Vernon will also be in attendance. Stop by our booth if you are in town. And a BIG THANK YOU to Mike at Heroes Haven. Be sure to stop by there too as they will be putting on a small RenFair w/ costuming, games and a pony ride! Hope to see ya there!

I know, no comic. Sorry, due to past eye problems I had only a short time to get ready for this. Next week I'll be back at the comic. Take care.

Not back yet.

Comic Stuff: I’m updating COTC once a week for now, but I don't plan to announce any return on the site or anywhere else, (other then my blogs), until I can sustain it.  Not sure how long that will go on, but count on it for Friday’s this fall. ;)

Comic Related Stuff: I’ll be at a small convention in my hometown of Burlington, NC in October.  Hero’s Haven, the local gaming and comic shop will be hosting the con.  Other comic artists include Larry “mckenzee” Holderfield, Ursula Vernon, Dan Johnson, Al Bigley, Mike Moon, Mark Poole, and Jennie Breeden (tentative). 

What: Paper Heroes Con
Where: Burlington, NC
When: October 17 – 19
Whay: Because we like to. 

Personal Stuff: Went to the eye doctor Today and I will be getting new glasses soon.  Hopefully that will fix a few things.  My eyes seem to have stabilized a bit.  At least they are not getting drastically worse every day like there were.  On a more cheerful note, I’ve lost 20 pounds since the middle of May.  I’ve had a weight problem since 1978 and it looks like I may be on a right track this time. 

Back on Track ... Sort of

Hi Cats!

I’m back to working on the strip although nothing has changed w/ my vision. Still don’t know what’s going on, but I plan to see another eye doctor on Sept 9th. We’ll see what happens. Work is going slow, but I may be able to get a once a week thing going starting next week. The plan now is to just do both COTC and Sebo for as long as I can. I’ll keep you all advised. Thanks again for all the support.

Melpomene now FREE Online

Melpomene: The Chaos Orb, the online graphic novel from Jamie Robertson and Clint Hollingsworth, is now online for free. The Clan of the Cats spin-off was originally intended for Keenspot Premium, a service Keenspot discontinued in May of 2008.

The story, completed in 2005, centered on Corrine Melpomene "Mel" Chattan, hot headed sister to COTC star, Chelsea Chattan. Here is a brief taste of the plot:  Chelsea is kidnapped. Timon may be a traitor! Mel and Jacob hunt down old enemies only to be lead into a trap Naked Chelsea! Mel goes Chattan Curse-crazy on an army of goons and slaughters them like cattle. Betrayal, adventure, werewolves, naked cat-witches in bondage and bloodshed are drawn beautifully by Wandering Ones master, Clint Hollingsworth.

Written by Jamie Robertson and beautifully illustrated by Clint Hollingsworth, Melpomene: The Chaos Orb is also available as a real "hold it in your hands" graphic novel. Go buy it!

Update - 8-24-08

Hi Cats,

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I do appreciate it very much. I do have a bit of good news in that most of the neurological ailments I suffered are gone or at least better. I have some feeling in my big toe and stomach again. So, all the crap I went through last week is mostly history. The bad news is that my vision continues to get worse and no one seems to know why it’s happening. I haven’t given up yet, but it’s nearing time to make some tough decisions. Thank you all for everything you have given me over the years.

On a more cheerful note I went to a meeting of the NCWCCC, this month hosted at Otter's place. She and her other were gracious enough to host a cookout for us starving artists. We didn't get much business done, but we did have a great time, very casual. It was especially eventful for me as two worlds came together as Chelsea acommpanied me and mckenzee and Mike to the cookout. I'm sure she got a geek overload, but I know it won't kill her. ;) Thanks to Mike for driving.

Things that Happened to Me on Drugs

Hi Cats,

“I don’t know.” That was the answer I received when I asked my eye doctor what was causing my continued vision erosion.  That was Monday. Now, let me back up a few days. 

·         Sunday the 10th: I started having a painful toothache. I think it was a sinus condition as several of my teeth would hurt on the right side of my head. This got worse and could not sleep that night, but the paint went away the next day.

·         Monday the 11th: Went to diabetes clinic with symptoms of tingling in the hands and decreased vision, common problems in diabetics, but they said I was fine. Vision continued to get worse. Diabetic docs changed my drug, Avandia to Actos. Avandia had been thought to lead to heart conditions. That night the tooth pain continued to get worse and I could not sleep.

·         Tuesday the 12th: Vision actually holding steady, but tooth pain much worse.  Called regular doctor to get referred to dental clinic. Was scheduled for a checkup within two weeks. That night pain worse, cannot sleep.

·         Wednesday the 13th: Three nights without sleep. Went to emergency dentist. Doctor prescribed Darvocet for pain. She was hesitant to do so as I also take Xanax (Alprazolam, .25 mgs 3 x a day). The pain was so bad I took ½ Darvocet that afternoon around 4:30 to take off the edge. That evening my big toe went numb. Took Alprazolam at 6:30. Three hours after that I take Darvocet for the night. Slept four hours.

·         Thursday the 14th: Eyes worse, but toothache better. Took regular doses of Alprazolam, waited 6 hours before taking Darvocet. That night my stomach went numb, (where I had surgical scars) and pain in muscles. Felt faint, could have been a panic attack as I am prone.

·         Friday the 15th: Tooth pain subsided, almost gone. Very groggy and staid in bed all day. Eyes only slightly worse. That night numbness in stomach increased more muscle pain. Also last dose of Darvocet.

·         Saturday the 16th: Same as Friday, but much groggier and flushing each time I took an Alprazolam. Both arms and legs felt like the circulation was being cut off. Groggy all day. Started having abdominal discomfort. That night I get only one hour of sleep.

·         Sunday the 17th: That morning right eye much worse than before. Flushing and grogginess continue to get worse every time I take a dose of Alprazolam. That evening I feel extremely flushed, tingling everywhere, parents take me to ER in Chapel Hill. Wait 6 1/2 hours to find out nothing. Meanwhile I had cut my Alprazolam dose in half and that is affecting me. My arm feels like it is going numb. Feel tense, very nervous and brain turning to mush from not enough sleep. Take Tylenol PM that night, slept 7 hours straight.

·         Monday the 18th: Started back on Alprazolam, but still tired, tense and agitated. Went back to ER, waited 2 1/2 hours, did not see anyone. Back felt like a stick about to break.  Came home, extremely tired. Came close to writing farewell message for COTC readers, but something held me back. Felt close to a nervous breakdown. Had long talk with parents, which helped.  Slept four hours that night. Numbness in stomach increased.

·         Tuesday the 19th: Much calmer. Went to eye doctor, eyes were the same as they were a month ago, but doc does not know why vision is getting worse. Grogginess continued until evening and got better at night. Increased size of font on computer and internet. Drew Sebo comic strip that evening. Numbness in stomach increased.

·         Wednesday the 20th: Went to UNC Hospitals to see Kidney doctor, explained symptoms. Both are very good people, caring, known them for over 13 years. However they do not see any immediate causation of symptoms, but will refer me to neurologist just to be safe. Grogginess persists.  (I took Darvocet once before for a small outpatient surgery and it took a couple of weeks to get out of my system). Eye problems continue to worsen a little at a time. Currently I am having some difficulty reading and I cannot draw unless I use reading glasses on top of my regular glasses.  Yes, I’m sure that is a sight.  Currently my eye problems are not dire, but what worries me and all my doctors is that the problem is not stabilizing.  It only continues to get worse, bit by bit, like the tide eroding the coral reef.

So, that is why I haven’t given any updates lately.  Just too much crap to deal with as well as extremely being depressed. Tomorrow, providing things haven’t changed drastically, I take the day off with a good friend and begin to assess my life. I will get back to drawing and my life and “endeavor to persevere.”  

Finally, I want to give a big thank you to Mike Moon, a very dear friend, who has been playing


for the past few days.  Thanks, Mike!

Take care,


Doctor Visits and What Not

I went to the eye doctor this past Friday and she told me that the blurred vision was due to my sugar. The good news is that it was not due to retinal detachment or retinopathy.  So, she advised that my sugar was up a bit, which it had been.  Okay, been there before, know how to fix it.  I went to the diabetes clinic on Monday and saw two doctors and they both concluded that I was fine.  In fact they suggested that I lower the dosage of my diabetes meds.  One of the blood tests they performed, called a hemoglobin A1C test, shows how well the blood sugar has performed in the last three months.  A person w/out diabetes should have a number of 6.  Mine was 5.6. However, this afternoon I ate an apple and my sugar spiked to 230 and back down to 130 within an hour.  Also, I have been feeling very weak and tired ever since Thursday and as I suspected this was due to the radical diet change.  I’ll have to modify that.  Unfortunately, even after all this, my eyes are still getting worse little by little.  If I had to guess I would still say it is my sugar and I will continue to work on that.  Thanks!

Eye Troubles Continue

Hi Cats,

I have an internet connection for just a minute here, so I thought I’d give you guys an update.  Currently my eyes are worse, but the cause may be, at least partly, my sugar.  I am diabetic and I thought I was doing well up until last week.  Anyway, I am scheduled to go to the doc on Friday, meanwhile I’m on a drastic diet.  I will keep you cats posted when I can. 

More Eye Troubles

Hi Cats. Here we go again. Last week I began seeing lights out of the corner of my eye.  They got worse. I’m still seeing them, about 20 times a day, but now the vision in my left eye is blurring.  It was my right eye that had the problems before.  Oddly enough, when I went to the eye doctor yesterday, my vision was better, but today it is not as good.  I’m supposed to see another eye doctor tomorrow.  I had both an MRI and a CT scan done in May and in speaking w/ my doctor yesterday she said there was no indication that anything was wrong, i.e., nothing in my head.  ;)  I’m putting COTC on hiatus again as I haven’t gotten much done lately.  I’m so very sorry to do this yet again for the 501st time.  It’s just that this time no one has even an idea of what it could be and I’m scared.

Let you all know what’s what.

Thanks for being there.


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